Hit and Miss Security

I am not a very satisfied Eufy customer having owned a Eufy cam2C Homebase with 3 cams for almost a year. The Homebase frequently goes off-line whilst there is no internet loss because every other device in the house remains connected. I have one cam right at the front so I can see anyone who turns up especially if nobody is home. We have had deliveries where the camera did not detect the person coming in however it shows them leaving. If it was a thief this footage would have been useless. I have had to turn up the sensitivity to capture as much as possible and it still misses a lot of detections. I have to charge cameras at least every week and there is no available solar panels here in Australia to keep them permanently charged. Useless.


Reason why i use their wired cams, they have 24/7 recording, the detection isn’t always 100 percent for person detection but with wired connection and 24/7 recording u can just set it to all motion detection when ur not home.

Totally agree. I had planned to get 2 sets, 1 for my house and 1 for my rear fence line, as I back on to a public park. I’m now saving for a more reliable, fully wired system for the house and this system will go to the back fence, only because it would be too expensive for a wired system there.
Family members who are interested in getting cameras, were initially impressed with the image quality in the first few weeks, but with later feedback of missed detections and short battery life are looking at alternatives.

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Please Eufy… a video to explain how your cams work. We could just link to it.

I could do it but… ugh. That’s a TON of work!

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@m.oostenbroek I agree with @dar1286. I first started with several Eufy battery cameras, only to have to add wired cameras (in specific needed areas) because of the hit-and-miss detection in their battery cams. I now use all my battery cameras as mobile alerts, noise makers at night, or close-up facial shots in certain areas. But to document something where I need footage from beginning to end…it has to be my wired 24/7 cams.

I was going to retire my 15 yr old 24/7 cams when I got my eufy gear. Nope. They are still on duty.

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@chefrd LMAO!! :rofl::joy:

So very sad… stupid old cams just work! And they also display as picture in picture on my TV. So far… nothing can kill them? They need to rest.

Here’s what I noticed. Sometimes, the camera goes quiet for no reason. It won’t detect any motion at all even if I’m moving right in front of it. Needs a good reboot kick. Happens but seldom.

Now, for missed detection. Here’s my experience. If it detects a motion, it has to be continuous motion for a good few seconds. If that motion for some reason abruptly stops, the camera will automatically flag it as false alert. If it continues, the recording starts and you get notified. Hence I noticed that if I walk way fast past it and immediately gone from its view, it doesn’t send a notification of motion alert. Now if I walk normally, it detects me no problem. Same with delivery people, it sometimes only capture them when leaving cause they moved a bit too fast coming up to the porch that by the time the camera starts recording, the delivery person is already walking away. This is an annoying issue but it needs to be implemented in order to save battery life.

And if you’re charging the camera every week, you bought the wrong camera in the first place. Battery operated cameras are not meant for high traffic areas.

Go grumpy … go grumpy,

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True to some extend sadly… I agree that battery cams are not for places with 60 objects moving in front of it every hour, it’s just too intensive. They’re ideal for your backyard or front yard if it’s deep (as you see them advertised).

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The way I see battery operated cameras/doorbells are any of the following reasons:

  • On a budget
  • No option/wiring for hardline camera/doorbell
  • First experience in stepping in to wireless security
  • As above then move to hardwire security in the future

My decisions are the first 3. Some protection is better than no protection :sunglasses:

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Yea some protection is better than none but not when u needed the protection at the time it didnt work because with some ppls luck that might just happen.