Hi I've recently bought the eufy video doorbell

I’m having trouble with my new eufy video doorbell, it is picking up every car that drives past my house but nothing when someone approaches the front door?

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Hi Say,

Try setting an activity zone or changing the motion detection to humans (heighten the sensitivity as welll) unless you need your doorbell to pickup the motion of vehicles.

Under the video option you can also disable this unless needed I know it’s enabled automatically but for where my camera is no matter the lighting faces and bodies were clear.

Give it a try and hope this helps

I have the same issues , seems to be a hot or miss no matter the sensitivity settings. I can be in front of the camera waving and not pick me up at all. I find that the AI picks up people walking past my house faster and more accurate than when people walking toways the doorbell :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Think the AI meeds to be trained more and updated or a firmware to make the camera motion detection more sensitive.

Welcome to eufy doorbell! Forget about the activity zones too, they do nothing

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Pretty much this. While the Eufy doorbell is nice and does what I need, activity zones are useless. So is the AI detection. It has detected houses, trees, pots, wheels, cars, grass, lawn ornaments all as “people”. Nothing I have done helps or changes it. It’s dumb. To add insult to inury, Eufy doesn’t seem to care anymore. They are more concerned with making a dog camera that dispenses treats.

Also diluting their brand to the point none of their offerings make sense. It’s a race to see how much junk they can make before they go under.

Sad part about it all is they do have decent products, the software just sucks horribly.

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Do you guys have a solution by now? I have the same problem… bought my doorbell 2k battery a few days ago and it works properly inside, but when i place it at the front door, the human detection wont work 90% of the time…