"Hey Alexa", "Show me Eufycam 2C on my Samsung TV"

I wish they would make it to where you could ask Alexa to pull up your cameras on your Samsung smart TV. If I’m wrong and they already have can someone please explain how to do this. I’ve got a Google nest hub that can do it through a Chromecast hooked up to my TV, but not my echo dot.

I have an old security system (10+ yrs?) that “I thought” my new Eufy system would quickly send into retirement. Nope. Still up and running along side my new gear. One of my favorite things is a picture in picture inside my TVs picture in picture. I can see 2 live view cams down in the corner of my TV. I LOVE that. When I would find a package on my step… and my Eufy cams missed it… my old system missed nothing.

Well… a year later and this is all it does these days. Just a picture in the corner of my TV. The Eufy cams have recovered and retirement is close.

Just not yet…