Help with settings - 4 cameras and doorbell

Hi there,
I’m wanting to know if it’s possible to have different security settings for different devices, but also geofencing as well as scheduling?
Ie when I’m at home, do this and that at these hours, when I’m out do something different.
Also I have 5 different devices, and do the security settings for all have to be the same?
I’m ideally wanting the following -
Door bell - chime the base and record video when pressed, and also record motion when a human detected.
4 X cameras - Base to go off if it detects a human, but only at night 10pm - 6am OR if we aren’t home. We have animals so need this to be human detection only at night.

To some extend this is possible.
I think you’d want to use the scheduling, because that allows you to activate a profile at a certain time. This unfortunately is not compatible with geofencing so it’s either one or the other.
Within a profile, you can set which cameras to activate so that should fit your needs.

The eufycams do NOT detect humans at night, then they notify you of all motions.