Help. Inconsistent human detections

I have 3 out door cameras set up. The porch camera was picking me up from my lawn up the stairs and my door. Now it doesn’t. I had packages delivered and no notifications. Really frustrated. It is all in my activity Zone. Highest sensitivity setting 7. What can I do? What is wrong? Why would it stop?

It’s most likely nothing you’ve done! Servers have been down all day. Who would guess we have to have their servers for OUR stuff to work. They mention it no where in their documents.

No. Just today a delivery person came and it did not pick them up.

I gave up using Human detection mode. I’ve set mine to all motion and adjusted the sensitivity to a good balance.

The human detection mode sucks so bad. Like you said, I’d have my back turned against the camera and no detection. Once I turn around, voila, someone’s there. Or even just walking straight towards the camera and nothing.

I’m nearing my return window, and I’m torn if I should return it or not.