Help, Eufy Cam 2C goes Offline in Heat over 94 F

My EufyCam 2C goes offline the temperature exceeds 94 degress, which is a part of spring and all of the summer season. I live in South Texas so the heat and humidity are extremely high, does anyone else have this problem with the cameras going offline on hot days. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to troubleshoot/fix the issue. I saw that there is a silicone case but not sure if that is just to prevent yellowing of the cams or if that would help keep the camera running. The max operating temp according to Eufy is 50 celcius which is about 122 fareheit, so I shouldn’t be having issues but I do. Any feedback is appreciated, Thanks! Jason.

A camera shade would help.

I have a Cam E in my shed and it regularly gets over 120 F without any issues. It put a thermometer in front of the camera to verify. I got some messages about not charging, but told them to go away as the cam is fully charged and won’t need another charge until the temps drop. Also, have a 2C in the carport that gets sun in the afternoon and it has been over 120 a couple of times, but kept on ticking.

The pix was taken just as the shed started to cool down in the evening. Lately, the temps have been off the scale of my thermometer during the day.

A note on skins. I added the black silicone skins on a couple of my 2 Pro cams and right away started to get the message that it was too hot to charge. They are both under eaves, but the black skins seemed to conentrate the heat.