HELP! Does ANYONE have issues with eufy cam notifications on android?

Alerts are coming as “Indoor Cam Pan&Tilt: someone has been spotted” and not as “Driveway Cam: someone has been spotted” ?

Please, does anyone have the same issue? I am on Google Pixel, OS 10, 11, and now 12. Multiple phones, all the same issue.

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Nope. My indoor 2k says, Front: someone has been spotted. I’m on the latest beta app.

Galaxy S8 on Android 9 and Galaxy Tab S2 on custom ROM Android 11, no issues.

Thank you for responding. I am so puzzled - why is it happening to me. Even on a clean install, multiple phones. :confused:

Try downgrading to an earlier version of the app. Does it persist?

John0 - downloading to an earlier version of the app works. 3.2.1_1016 is the latest that works. No friggen idea what is happening.

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