Hearing somebody talk to me through my front door cameras when I’m the only one connected

I have four cameras up around my property and I’m the only one who is connected to my system and today I’ve had twice in one hour somebody talk to me through my front camera why I was out on the Veranda how was this possible

What kind of router do you have? Have you changed the password? What kind of security do you have for Iot’s (internet of things) most routers do not protect Iot’s from hackers. Iot’s basically, are anything connected to the internet through your router on 2.4. You have been hacked through your cameras and they are watching you. That is how they j ow you are on the front porch. Consumer routers do not protect Iot’s. I would start with separating your 5 from your 2.4 with different logins and passwords for both. You only use the 5 on your network, do not give anyone including your mom, your password for your 5, they may be hacked. I can go on for hours talking about this, there is a LOT! Cybercrime is growing faster than you can imagine, do you need to protect what you have NOW. Get a VPN, I use it ExpressVPN. Get a password manager, Last pass for example. Yubico for authenticator. Bitdefender for you internet. This is just a start. Disable the WiFi off of your smart TVs. If you stream use Apple TV and put a VPN on it. Change ALL OF YOUR LOGIN names and passwords, password manager will help with that. Do t use your name as your login. If I can do this I know you can. I am a 55 year old woman, I am a sales person not an It. Now my friends call me a geek. Last point, small business are the biggest target for cyber crime so get your ducks in order before your bank account is wiped clean.

Changing the password to your eufy app should be enough. That’s the only way people can get direct control-access to the camera.

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