HB3 familiar face identity? Does this work for you?

I’m using a bunch of 2k cameras and this is a total fail. Does it work better with the 4k cameras I’m sure it was designed for???

I’m 6 ft 210 M with a short grey hair and a grey beard…. And it will call the little 5 ft 110lb F delivery driver with long black hair as me? (with no way to tell the AI that… it’s not me!). If it’s me… it will ask “is this you?” But anyone else that it mis-calls as me won’t show up under Familiar Faces to be questioned.

I said to myself when I saw the claim of 99.9 percent accuracy… “ I will believe that when I see it.” My HB 2 couldn’t tell a car tire from a human. After 5 months of time to learn…. It’s a fail with the older cams. ( I won’t be turning on the “ no notifications for familiar faces” anytime soon). How’s it working for you?

I have a HB3 and an S330 (4k) and I am lucky to get 2/3 correct face recognitions. Rather disappointing I’d say.

What surprises me is that I cannot always correct the AI model so it’s no wonder it’s that poor. When I watch a recording and I see that it made a mistake recognising a person, I don’t see how I can make that clear to the software. Interesting that false positives do not always show up in the Bionic Mind page by the way. I think the concept is good but the software offers room for improvement.

My cameras are “up high” (8-10 feet) and they don’t always pick up faces well.
It does periodically decide that my neighbour (or my wife’s back!) is me…

More to the point, the Dual Doorbell/HB2 - you can’t delete “newly detected faces” until you add one to “someone” and then forget them.