Have a full screen doorbell message

When someone rings the doorbell I have to unlock my phone, open the notification bar and find the Eufyapp.
This is taking so long that the visitor (especially the delivery guys, are already gone)

Why not a fullscreenwindow like a caller window where you can reject or accept a doorbell call? Would be much easier and quicker


Yes I want that too. It makes more sense to have it that way instead of a notification.
The only doorbell I know that does this is Arlo.

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Yes, I’m always to late this way. Until now the doorbell gives more frustration then solution

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I had the Arlo doorbell which does this - initiates a video call on iOS - which was awesome in principle until you clicked ‘ok’ to answer the call and see the video but it never ever connected and the app just broke!

I ended up returning all my Arlo gear and buying Eufy stuff instead so I would that for that feature to make it to the Eufy doorbell!

Full screen notification on mobile phone should be a must have feature when the door bell rings.
Eufy team can you please prioritise this update asap?