Has Eufy Given Up?

Seems Eufy is only interested in creating more and more products and no support. No response to the forums. Customer service is lackluster at best. They are not listening to any customer feedback. Just making more and more devices.

What gives?


What you see is what you get. More and more junk products that are cheap to make and no one to support them. All the items that customers have requested are just ignored. Looks like any homebase related products are done with in favor of standalone junk. I’m done buying Eufy gear and actively looking for something better.


I noticed the same, no support for homekit in the new products anymore.


Yep…. Me also. We need a place we can chat about “leaving Eufy” and replacement ideas


Wyze doing the same thing.

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I’m new here. Are we allowed to post competitors or not?

I went with Eufy for my doorbell camera but a different provider for my camera system (I bought an NVR and 5 cameras but can support 8), their support is really responsive, I can’t fault them. Like I said I don’t know if I can say who this company is …

To be absolutely honest I only bought Eufy because they made a doorbell but this other company don’t.

I have had an nvr and dedicated/ wired cameras for a while. Problem for me has been cost to change as original cams were analog via coax, and newer hi-def want cat6 plus new cams. NVR can handle old and new, just new cable installs are a pain. But, footage is all mine, no cloud, and I still can use remote access to check on things.

Same company sells to retail chains and other businesses, and service for my vendor has been outstanding as well. Just missing the homekit integration, since there’s so much more that can be done with it. Don’t like Google or Amazon having anything they can do what they want with anymore.

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Like others frustrated that subscriptions and lack of “promised” features like homekit are not maintained. All about making as much as they can, and homekit support means giving up some revenue — but they could make that up in overall sales if they were smart. Newer consumers do not want their stuff unencrypted in someone else’s hands.


I have been hanging out on r/homesecurity to see what others are using. There are some good nuggets of info there, but most come looking for help after being frustrated with their existing gear. Eufy was going in the right direction with Homebase, but now it’s taken a 180 and is producing exactly the wrong equipment. Short-term thinking writ large.


Sad to see them leave this behind. Will check out the r/

Err, not entirely true.
Homebase 3 is AFAIK still underway and supposedly interacts with all the standalone products!

The fact that this thread exists shows how little eufy cares anymore. I have name dropped several other brands and no one has said anything about it. Will also be lerking in r/ to see what others are getting since @eufy has sadly just plainly giving up creating features that the community actually wants.


@John0 How would anyone know which direction Eufy is going? They have promised many things for the future, but produced nothing of value. Their new gear doesn’t even fix existing issues like the Sync wipe problem. They promise expandable storage, intra Homebase management, and interoperability with other standards and deliver nothing. Would you bet your security on products like this if you didn’t get a discount?


What makes you think I get a discount? I became a moderator after I bought the products lol.
I will await the release of homebase 3 and if it has the interoperability, I will buy it instantly.

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I worked for a chinese based electronics company over a decade ago whos name I won’t mention but this is par for the course with most. It centers around a cultural thing more than anything. They don’t see customer service and support for existing products as a good business model, they think that having the most newest products to hit the market is the key to success. Its the polar opposite of what we as north American consumers value in a business.

Eufy is a brand under Anker, and Anker is a huge chinese company. They did the exact same thing with their Roav dashcams and basically abandoned them for any additional support after a few months. That being said though, eufy cam2 pro is by far better than anything I have used aside from a custom setup. Arlo sucks, Google basically ruined the Nest brand, Amcrest smart home was the worst I had ever used up until i tried simplisafes new cams. Blink is years upon years out dated, and wyze you get what you pay for. Aside from Ring, eufy is about the only brand with a product currently available that is any decent next to custom systems.


They apparently dont invest in software in the same way as hardware, the vision isnt there and you have a disjointed experience, which could be a reflection of the product dev. The key example is the bloated, battery-draining app. It’s power consumption should be an embarassment. Tried it on four different phones from android 9 to 12, and it is the same. We are literally wasting our battery’s lifespan on a basic function that we hardly interact with. I can spend hours watching youtube, using that app directly, and the eufy app I opened once and had a few notifications with will have the same battery usage.


I agree. I believe that the Eufy developers aren’t using Android power management correctly. When the app is running in the foreground it uses lots of battery, but when android tries to put it to sleep, it still uses about the same level of battery and it messes up the Notification so that they are delayed a huge amount. You have to tell the app not to sleep in order to receive timely notifications.

I have gotten in the habit of shutting down the app manually at night. Strangely, this allows notification to work correctly. Seems like they didn’t code the app to use power management or they had different developers working on notification and power management.

I don’t think the developers they have now are very skilled. Perhaps this is why they aren’t doing anything with the homebase infrastructure. It’s easier to code for standalone gear.

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What other products and service do you recommend ? Apparently ring es the best option ?

I am leaning toward wired IP cams at the moment. Have a couple different cams ordered to see what they look like. The rest of the Wifi cams have significant security issues that I want no part of. I don’t trust Google or Amazon with my data or security.


I’m still waiting for my eufycam 2c to get the privacy zone update. Apparently the 2c have two different chipset manufacturers and only the ones made by one manufacturer get the privacy zone. Not really acceptable.

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