Has anyone heard someone talking through indoor cams?

We have both indoor 2k camera and 2k pan and tilt and it hasn’t happened in a while but we heard someone talking yhrought it 3 times in the past in our son’s room. Has any1 else had this? I changed every password for my wifi my eufy app my eufy account got a secure router and haven’t had an issue since.


I think I faced same in early morning. EufyCam 2C is the device to that matter. If there is security exploit hard to say is it that particular device or basestation or Eufy’s holistic security (so server/ cloud/ login/ access infrastructure).

There isn’t access logs available for end user?

Voice in my case was calling someone with language I don’t recognize at all.

And yes this is as fatal as it can be. Hard to know should unplug whole system from Internet.

And yes, I cannot proof this since not yet having system to monitor well monitoring system