Group Cameras/Multiple Camera viewing and Default/Remember camera sound setting

I am looking to move from Wyze cameras to eufy. I am currently testing the eufy indoor cam. I love the improved picture quality over the Wyze V2, as well as the better scrubbing of recorded video, and much quicker camera connection.

However, there are 2 things I wish the eufycam did that Wyze does. First, camera grouping or the ability to view multiple live streams at once. With Wyze, I could group the cameras and see a live feed of both cameras on the screen at once. With eufy, I can see both cameras but they are just thumbnails, not live.

The other thing I wish was better is that when I start a eufy cam stream, there is an option to mute/unmute the sound. When I open the stream and click mute, of course the sound gets muted. But if I leave the stream and then come back in, the sound is on. I’d like for the individual camera streams to remember my sound preference ideally, or just be able to set a default for all cameras to be muted or unmuted, but then change in the app if needed. It’s really annoying to check on a stream and have the unwanted audio coming through.