Google Home routine!

Hi guys!

First of all hello everybody! Im a proud owner of the Eufy doorbell, 2 Pro cameras and 1 Pan&Tilt.

Ive planned to buy a few more things to expend my Security system.

But I want to ask if its possible to change something about the Eufy / Google Routines. As we know U can change your Eufy into different modes like: Home,Away, Geofencing etc.

When I wake up and say Hello Google, Goodmorning: my security system changes to Home-modus

When Im going to sleep I give my Google the Goodnight command and it will change my security system to the Nightmodus.

But it would be much better if I can change my Security system into Geofencing modus. Like when I wake up it will change it to Geofencing and notice that Im home, so it will stay at Home mode. But when the last person leaves house it will be automatically goes into Away modus.

This would make everything so much easier!

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