Google home and assistant integration

Camera and doorbell users.

We have quite a few Eufy cameras, indoor and outdoor, newer and older, doorbells, sensors.

We can no longer view cameras via Roku smart tv or our older Samsung with chromecast.
Wondering if any other users are experiencing the same issue?
Seems there may be others as there is mention of it here but the post are very old.

I have called Eufy support America and support specialist Samantha states this is NOT an option. Just said thanks and hung up.
Called back in to Eufy support America and support specialist Jason states it is an option as products are Google Home integrated. A support ticket has been made.

All apps and products are installed and linked and working but when trying to view via TV we now get a Google assistant error message stating cameras are not supported.

The actual message is…

"Sorry, it looks like (camera name) doesn’t support streaming to remote screens.

Seems there is NO Google integration at all anymore. Not sure how Eufy can state that it is right on the box if it in fact does not.

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I have the same problem.
Unable to view my two “Outdoor Cam” cameras on my Nest Hub screens.

I am having the same issue with my s330

I’m having the same problem. Eufy cameras and doorbell are showing in the Google Home App but will not stream to my phone. In the last Google home App update, they added a host of security cameras support. I don’t understand why Eufy was left behind.

It got broken in the recent security fixes. Unsure when/if it’ll get fixed, as currently you can only view a stream after enabling a token for “a set period” via the Eufy portal (or other location, once you know the relevant URL).

I would not call 2018 recent.
False advertising is more of the case.

Recent as in 5 months ago (Google Paul Moore, or look at the pinned post on

Are you a Eufy nut hugger or something?

This “feature” has never worked properly.
I have 13 cams 2 bases and many entry sensors and this has never worked.
Try searching THIS forum or the original forum for “google home” and the dates go way back.

I’m not going to split hairs with anyone. This has never worked properly. Good day.

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I have had Google home with eufy since I had it the video worked perfectly WTF happened since they had there security update nothing works im going to sell everything I have from them if they dont fix it i mean vacuum cameras doorbell and all

Been 5 years…has never played ONCE on any tv. Consider yourself lucky for the times you had.

No, I’ve simply had a different experience to you (as have others, i.e. the poster below your comment. Consistency of feature by product/region is clearly an issue.