Geofencing with schedules

After reading the post on this subject, despite promises of this function being available by Q4 2020, still no sign of geofencing working with schedules. Can you tell me if this is ever going to be available please?


I also want this feature. So Please, make it happen.

100% needed, surely it would be the most used setting?

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As you already said, there are many other queries and items in the wishlist like this one… and all of them are being ignored.

If we want this to be done, please send an email to eufy support. They just answered me that they will pass the info to the tech staff but that they will consider it only of there are more people affected.

They don’t even look at the threads we open, so let’s open real cases into their system by sending emails to

Tell them all the missing features the rest of the companies have and ask them to implement them now.