Geofencing with Huawei phone

We use Geofencing with 4 phones and three of them are Samsung devices and one Huawei Honor 9x.
The Samsung phones are seen as away when outside the geofence but the Huawei Honor 9x is still within the geofence when it really is not according to the Eufa Security app.

I have set Location access to always on every phone. Turned the battery saving mode off for the Eufy app on all devices.
That should be enough right?


In order for geofencing to work, all phones need to be outside of the zone. Otherwise if even one phone is inside the zone then it won’t trigger the setting or whatever it is you have set up.

Now some phone require the users to open the app for geofencing to sync properly, but some people have issues always having to open the app in order for it to sync. But this issue comes down to the individual phone and how it interprets what the app is trying to do or want.

Try to allow the app to access location in the background and also turn off battery optimization. This might help with a potential syncing problem for geofencing what Tank referred to.

Battery optimization is set to off and location access is set to always.

The Huawei phone is my sons phone and he is not home at the moment but according to the app he is. He own the Huawei STK-LX1. The app show inside the…
The other phone that is inside is my other sons phone and he is really at home now.
My wife and I are not so these three are correct.
In order to get geofencing to work for my security system I first need to know why the Huawei phone doesn’t work right.
I will ask my son to open the app to see if that helps.

Today it did not work on my Samsung phone either. I am at work but inside the geofence according to the Eufy app.
Seems not to be working very well.

For now it is most secure to manually set the alarm code when the last person is leaving the house.

Geofencing needs some work it seems.

Seems like a lot of users have issues getting geofencing to work with Huawei phones using other cameras too such as Arlo and Google cameras, so its not just issue with eufy cameras.

I have been using geofencing since I had my cameras setup and I have not had any issues aside from the initial giving location access when I set it up