Geofencing very poor

Hi there. My geofencing is extremely unreliable. It only works reliably when I open the app. For example, if I’ve been home for hours, the cameras detect movement, and when I open the app it switches it to home mode. It always detects me leaving home but not arriving.

Anyone else have this issue?

Thoughts on making this work properly?

Thank you in advance.



I did notice something like that, the problem is that it’s highly related to the phone.
My wife Huawei P30 is very very bad Geo Fencing (with Eufy or my old camera Canary (Canary is a piece of #@§¦@ dont’ buy it)).
But both work fine with my iPhone.

Not saying iPhone work better than Android at Geofencing, maybe “older” iPhone are also bad, but it surely is easier to test 5 models of iPhone than 23’000 models of Android.

All that to say : Geofencing work okay with some phone and are unusable with other.

If Eufy is listening, I would suggest them to pair Geofencing with WiFi detection. For example if I were them I would do something like:

  • Connected to the SSID of home : System disarmed
  • Disconnected from SSID of location : Check GPS then arm system if outside of range, recheck every 5 min until armed.

Has never ever worked with two iPhones!
Tried multiple times, all settings are correct worked only once. Tried with Eufy app open in the background but to no avail. Gave up! I use to have the Arlo Pro 2 cameras and geofencing worked flawlessly at the time,


I have the same issue as described above (iPhone 11&12 pro) . There is no systematic. It doesn`t work reliably.
Geofencing is so important!
I switch back to Arlo - even if the subscription in the cloud costs money But it works!

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Or just allow integration with Home Assistant, for us that use Home Assistant of course