Geofencing suddenly not working

I have been using the geofencing to turn on/off some of the notification just fine. But even since we have been updated to the latest firmware, it just didnt work. is there anything I can do to make it work again?
Its now 2023 and it sounds stupid if I have to pull up my phone, bring up the app before Geofencing is aware of my location change.

Will echo same here. Why can’t Eufy fix this? Frustrating.

Funny thing is no one seems to care, no response from the support team AT ALL.

Standard reply from eufy support for geofencing not working:

“Unfortunately, I also had to learn that the geofencing function is currently still in beta. A completely perfect function is not yet guaranteed. We continue to work on the improvement and will significantly improve its performance with future updates. We ask for a little patience. We very much regret that the performance of geofencing may currently not yet be 100% satisfactory.”

The same block of text is in replies to different users between 2020 - 2023