Geofencing on iOS is unreadable if you are home or away on ios

The gray type because it is microscopic on a iPhone 6s the gray hue is almost the same as the blue. Make the “in home mode” etc. in white so people with smaller phones don’t need a magnifying glass please. I know it’s in beta but without clicking the geofencing settings and hit save most of the time it doesn’t switch which defeats the purpose. It is a really great idea if it worked better

Geofencing has never ever worked for me. We are two users with iPhones and it has never ever detected in or out of zone’s. All settings are correct on the Eufy app and iPhones. Eufy have been aware of this issue for a very long with a fix in progress. They also promised being able to select schedule in the Geofencing would happen in a firmware update. To this day nothing has changed!