Geofencing not working - what to do next?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and my wife has a Samsung Galaxy S8+.

I’ve configured geofencing on the homebase2 and invited my wife so we can take advantage of the dynamic “home” and “away” configuration when either of us is at home or we are both away from the property.

It’s not working for my wife’s phone. It’s still showing as “In the zone” event though she has the phone at work. Neither of us are at home, but “home” mode is still enabled. This means we have reduced security active right now because the homebase thinks we’re at home… A fundamental flaw I would have thought.

I’ve been through the set up more than once, ensuring the invitation has been accepted etc, and the apps permissions are all set correctly for “location” but geofencing still isn’t working.

What to do from here???

Open the app> click on the security shield> click on your homebase> click on the gear icon under geofencing> click on enabled devices> make sure your wife’s phone is checked off to enable geofencing with her phone.

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Sorry for the late acknowledgment

Although I appreciate that you responded to my concern about geofencing not workng, all that you’ve done is essentially explained the steps that I’ve already been through several times now. I understand the technical steps to enable geofencing but it simply isn’t working, and I’m left wondering the worth of the eufy cameras when the geofencing feature is fundamental to the practical use of cameras for security purposes. Having to manually set home and away modes is just a right royal pain in the ass. Because this hasn’t been sorted I can only conclude the eufy cannot fix the issue and should stop advertising geofencing as a feature.

Awesome if it did work! Just didn’t work for me as well. I went with option 2: KeyPad. Not the answer I wanted but it DOES work… and made Eufy life soooo much better for my batt cams.