Geofencing not switching

Geofencing not operating correctly when returning home. I.e. both on when away and front only when home, when home it doesn’t change unless I open the app

I had this exact same problem. I emailed eufy customer services and they told me that “unfortunately geofencing is in a beta release only so there are some known issues” but I see that people have raised the same query here for the last 9 months, so it does not appear to be an issue that they are going to resolve soon at all. Also something they should remove from their marketing material as it’s seemingly a feature that is not compatible with many iPhone models.

I noticed this was working well and then there was an update. Now my geofencing is stuck in away mode hours after I’ve returned home

Same for me. Since 1-JAN Geofencing not working at all.
Update: re-installed eufy app and looks like issue partially solved. At least changing to Away/Home mode once app opened not automatically.

Since 2 years geofencing is not working as promised! Same issues for me, I have several cams and nothing switches from at home to away automatically although all necessary settings are made in a new iOS on 3 different iPhone models etc. Geofencing is the most important thing for me and so I think about throwing away all eufy equipment in my house and buy professional stuff that works. Absolutely no go to implement geofencing although it is not working and eufy support is telling that it will be improved! When? In 2030?

A smaller radius might help improve the accuracy of the geofencing feature. Check if there are any battery optimization settings on your device that might be interfering with the app’s ability to track your location consistently. Disabling or adjusting these settings could potentially resolve the issue. Regards