Geofencing / Night mode

Hello all,

I have a eufy doorbell and a eufycam 2 monitoring my back doors. I currently have geofencing set up for me and my partner and would like to have it so that it records when we are in home mode at night time only and then obviously while we are away. Is this something that is possible through geofencing?



I find it frustrating that there does not seem to be a way to do this, except to manually switch from geofencing mode to another one that allows for you to have another option (daytime@home vs nighttime@home vs away). It seems like it would be easy for it to detect day/night so I don’t know why this is not an option or a trigger…hmmm…that might work if you did the trigger event setup. Incorporate with a motion detection light? Idk. Good luck.

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I really hope this is possible with a next update. It would be really helpfull to combine geofencing with a schedule!

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Because I’ve noticed recently that my eufycam 2 switches from humans only to all motions at night time so was wondering if it’s a thing. It just gets annoying going out to my garden with the notifications every few minutes (also not great for the battery either)

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I’m going to second this as well. I want coverage at night when I could be burgled but am in bed. But also want it to be able to turn off when I’m up and about again.


Yes i want that too geo combine with schedule i hope on a update soon

Greeting Otto

Still waiting…

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Any updates on this? Definitely a needed feature to maximize security. I have seen many requests for this functionality on other forums as well.

I want this feature too! It would be so helpful, and provide a lot of peace of mind to customers when you’re in bed!

I would like this feature to. Especially now with working from home it would be nice that it would only trigger with night mode if we are home and during the day nothing ;).

Exactly! Need this too!
Possibly just include geofencing to schedules: at day: Geofencing; at night: all active

It’s unbelievable that a feature like that isn’t available!