Geofencing inconsistent

Does anyone else find the geofencing to be very inconsistent? We take our dogs for walks twice a day always outside the supposed ‘Home’ area. At least one in three times the system does not register that we are outside the home perimeter as defined in the app

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We are having the exact same problems? It rarely detects when in our out of the zones. I have all the setting correctly setup, location set to always, google map location set to always, have tried going out of the zone with the app open and closed, it does not work. When I leave the zone it still states I’m in the zone? The Geofencing function is currently redundant! There are many complaints and frustrated users. I have emailed Eufy with the the same reply ‘working day and night to rectify for our users’ but nothing is ever resolved or fixed!

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Same. I find it works better if you only have 1 device but then it’s pointless cause you get alerts is your partner comes home before you or leaves after.

It’s been in BETA for so long now and for me the number one thing that I find should be fixed already. Schedules I know I know but realistically who leaves the house the same time day in day out.

Thank you for your good suggestion. Since the combination of Geofencing and Schedule will affect the basic recording logic of the camera, we are still finetuning this function, which is expected to be supported before Q4 2020.
If there is new progress, we will post an announcement in this forum, so stay tuned.

Since taking the latest update for the Homebase 2 and app in the past few days the Geofencing appears to work consistently. Excellent.

It would be useful to understand the rules that govern night and day switching and the hierarchy which determines modes between schedules and geofencing. I agree with the earlier poster that schedules are often too rigid to be useful. Furthermore, I am not at all convinced by the need for all motion an human detection at night. My problem is that I live in an area where local wildlife roam around our property and frequently cause false triggers. I don’t want to monitor foxes in my garden overnight - only unwanted human presences. It would be good to have more granular control over this.


I posted too soon. Geofencing is back to being unreliable again.

How cone Google/Nest and Tado for example can get this right and Eufy can’t?