Geofencing does not work at all

Sadly nothing new to add to this post. I’ve been experiencing the same issues with my Indoor Cam and Indoor Cam Pan&Tilt. Been waiting almost a few years now for them to actually put five minutes of time into this problem to fix it. Instead they updated the app (big whoop), with no attention to Geofencing. It still freakin’ says Beta next to it!!! How is it that a HVAC company like Honeywell can get this right, but a company that specifically works in tech can’t?!?!?! I leave my house, furnace turns off. I come home, it turns on. How hard is this Eufy???


Seconding. On iOS.

Not getting notifications when mode changes.
App REPEATEDLY asking me + spouses phone to set location mode to ‘always’ - despite the fact that both are.

If I go into the geofencing settings, it shows we are ‘home’ when we are away. If I click the gear, then click devices to see their status (atleast one will usually be correctly listed as away when we both are) and then hit save, it will update the geofencing to away.

Eufy - get your sh*T together and allow 1 click mode changes, without relying on geofencing.

I have 4 pan and tilts, 2 solar cams, 2 fixed interior cams - it shouldn’t be rocket science to arm them all to one mode or another —- or to arm a specific subset to one mode or another. I’ve bought into this ecosystem but I am definitely investigating other options - and will gladly sell these on eBay.

It’s a shame, because I love the cameras otherwise.

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Still the same problems. Why is this so difficult.
Come on you guys fix it.

Same here.

Same here

Same same problem July/August 2022 2 years after first brought up… I have only had my device 1 week so I shall return it as geogencing is not Beta, it has to work in my situation so you have lost a customer who would have potentially bought a thousand pound worth of security devices.

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Exactly same problem for me. Useless! Very sad about discovering this big fault on my alarm system. And very bad that Eufy doesnt fix it.
Will return system and go with Arlo instead. They have working geofence

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Geofencing DOES NOT WORK! All my permissions are correct, I am within my perimeter boundary and it STILL says I am away!!
Like wise when I leave the house, it DOES NOT UPDATE!!
Seriously sort it out, I have spent almost a thousand pounds on your equipment.
Also include geolocation within scheduling!!!


Geofencing is working for my device (primary “home” owner), but my husband’s phone is rarely updating the geofencing. Especially when he is away and returns home.
As mentioned above by another user, it appears to be a secondary user issue (at least, in my case it is).

The other issue I am having is with the camera thinking my dog is a human. That’s a big issue as it is setting off the alarm.

I imagine it’s not worth commenting but my geofencing also does not work, exactly the same scenario as the individual that posted back in 2020! Looks like Eufy are never going to fix the issue.

Word of warning to those in a returns window, get a refund whilst you still can or be stuck with a rubbish system.


2 years later, and problem is exactly the same! Unbelievable! August 2022 and the problem is still that geofencing is not working! Not Home <-> Away switching, this even with just one phone registered !!! As mentioned above! Ask for refund if not yet to late. Whole system makes no sense with this feature not working at all!!!


Unfortunately Eufy don’t care about people. I am very disapointed with their service and definitely not going to buy any more products from them. I wish I found this community earlier then I wouldn’t even buy anything at all. Reading posts on this community phorum you can clearly see that they don’t do anything to resolve any issues. They have used to replied to many posts claiming that some issues are resolving and should be fixed soon, or some new features but 2 years later thos issues are still there and what’s even wors Eufy stopped repying to posts which just shows where they have all they users. Very sad because I like the cameras I have but the support (actually lack of it) and ammount of issues is unacceptable for me

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Same here, as most of you.
Only one user and one phone.
Used to be android 10. Now Android 12. No difference.
On both phones, location service was activated for the app all time.
On both phones, battery management was disabled for the app.
Both phones show the correct location, when you go into geofence settings, so it DOES KNOW the current location. Nevertheless, even if geofence thinks I’m not at home, I go to settings, it knows I’m inside my geofence, click save, it stays in “not home” mode.
This is ridiculous!
Nö matter if I choose foreground service or not. There is NOTHING that makes it work reliably. Maybe 1 in 10 times. 9 out of 10, it turns to “not home” after hours, and when I come back, I get like 20-50 alerts from me walking around, until it eventually sets “home” after hours.
That way, I can’t use any audible alarms, because my neighbors would hate me. And most of the time, my house is not protected, because it doesn’t switch when I leave.
Cameras are OK otherwise, homebase works, motion sensor isn’t bad…
Person recognition is not really great, moving branches or leaves trigger intruder alerts quite often.

I can’t recommend, but I don’t know about a good alternative.

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Tried to keep the app in foreground on the phone, while entering the home zone.
It worked…
Until I left the geofence menu 🤦
The moment I left it, it jumped back to “not home”, while I didn’t move an inch.
This is the summit of ridiculousness!!!
Are they employing kids to program this?

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With two iPhones listed on the Homebase geofencing does not work. Either app does not recognise one person has remained at home or gets wrong phone in the zone! I can control my cameras via Homekit geofencing with no problems but my doorbell is not compatible with Homekit for some reason. This has been an issue for too many people for too long.

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Don’t bother, those from EUFY Don’t pay any damn attention ro customers.

Leave a comment in AMAZON, so that millions of people see it and you will see how they respond, although they will not give you a solution. They just Don’t know how to solve it.

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You’re absolutely correct. Geofencing does not work. Every time I come home my alarm is going off because it doesn’t detect my location. Also, the constant barrage of notifications are a bit extreme. I just turned the notifications off in the eufy app and use HomeKit. other than two issues I’m fairly satisfied with it

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October 2022 checking in and Geofencing still doesn’t work at all! Hoorah.

We could be sitting at home for hours and go too close to the front door camera and get screamed at by the alarm, which is only supposed to sound in “away” mode if someone opens the front door. What’s even weirder, is that it KNEW we were home (like when we came into the house earlier and no alarm sounded) but it SWITCHED to away mode while we were sitting inside the house? What.

Then, to stop the alarm and let it know we are actually home, we have to open the app, when it suddenly realizes we’re home.

We have location services set to “always” so what’s the issue here, Eufy? Your geofencing stinks.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone use it or buy this product.

Same for us - following thread.

We just set up Geofencing - and does not work at all - will not recognise whether we are away or home. Awful and renders cameras almost useless for us.

Same here. Simply doesn’t work. Very frustrating.