Fuzzy/distorted sound

Sound is really low on 2K doorbell camera, but sound starts kicking in when there’s a loud sound, but the sound is really crackly/fuzzy/distorted to the point you can’t hear anything else. Contacted Eufy and provided video clearly showing it, and they said it’s wind, which it isn’t. By the looks of all the other posts regarding sound issues, it’s to do with a firmware update so the issue won’t be resolved soon.

It’s the same problem I’m having. Sometime over the last few weeks, all three of my Outdoor cams, C22, C24, have added incredibly static filled noise, the sound capture doesn’t kick in until the sound is loud, crackling, clipped sound. It’s terrible. I need these cameras for audio, and currently, they’re useless for audio. This holds true for both live video and the recordings.

How is it possible that all three cams have the same exact problem at the same time? I can only guess that the firmware updates are the culprit.

Yeah don’t bother with customer support, I spent months going back and forth, they were going to offer me a refund, then they changed their minds once I sent them my invoice/receipt and claimed the issue was fixed in a recent update, which it wasn’t. I switched to an Arlo doorbell camera and the sound is perfectly clear, can even hear conversations across the street.
Eufy products have an issue with sound enhancement software, because their microphones aren’t good, which causes all the sound issues. They’ll never admit it though and just claim it’s wind.

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