[For US] HomeBase 3 has Arrived!


$50 off for existing app users only. Get the all-new HomeBase 3 for the price of HomeBase 2!​

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Please join us through the new community section of the eufy Security App.

Where you can find us :smile:

If you encounter any problems during use or have any other questions, please contact our customer service team through the following channels:

1)eufy Security app → Help → Call us/Feedback.

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post.

3)Send us an email: support@eufylife.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team


No Home Kit Support again! I have had enough of waiting for Eufy to support HomeKit on all or even most of there products. I love the gen 1 cameras they work great but without HomeKit support that was promised, I have just had enough and I am going to sell all my Eufy products and find another company. Which is a shame because I really wanted 4 or 5 of those Pro 360 Cameras and a few door bells and other lock products but again no HomeKit support no more money from me.


Homekit sounds great but I have found it to be troublesome for most products from many companies. I really like the 360 cameras. They are awesome. Good luck finding something. Most products I have researched have other problems too so maybe you will find something.


I have three questions :

  • Does the fact that the BionicMind is on the HB means it brings face/pet/car detection to older devices ? if yes, does it work both in day and night mode ?
  • does it solve the issue where a camera and it stored fotage can be enterely removed from the HB by pressing the sync button on the camera (wich any thief can do…) ?
  • The linked page mention continuous recording but the FAQ says it can’t do continuous recording… what is the correct answer ? Whch devices can do continuous recording ?

I hate the new eufy programs. The upgrades suck. Everything is different from what they were doing in the beginning. Nothing works like how it did. Misses so many people coming up to the house. I hate it now. Gonna do a basic lorex system. Sad how they are a ring format. Fu


Does older cameras that didn’t support homebase now support homebase 3 like the 1080p floodlight and the original 2k indoor cams along with wired doorbell to allow for automations?


Does the new homebase allow local authentication so the cameras and homebase are accessible when there is no internet connection only local wifi?


Can the HB 3 used devices on other HB’s for automations?
Can it use the spotlight camera for automations?

I am in a situation where I have a spotlight cam, and multiple HB’s. I would like to be able to have devices on one HB (or the spotlight cam), to trigger devices on another HB.


When will this be available in AUS please?


You know that you can call tech support and ask them for the kit right?

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I second all these questions!


I’d like to upgrade my Home base original v1 using this deal but I keep getting a 404 error. I’m in Canada, so I tried a VPN with a US IP address and still nothing. How do I go about taking advantage of this offer?


Eufy is the strangest company. They make all this great equipment that is incompatible with its own equipment. Absolutely ruins their company.


When will the new Homebase 3 be sold by itself in the UK??


I’d there an API available for the new Homebase 3?


I decided to purchase the HomeBase 3 (S380). Eufy, really needs to develop a method to migrate Eufy 2C Pro Cameras from HomeBase 2 to HomeBase 3 without removing them from HomeBase 2, taking them down, and then syncing them with HomeBase 3.

That is just stupid.

I have eight cameras. Come On Eufy !!!


Eufy The buy now button doesn’t work


It’s saying out of stock I wanted to upgrade


how is it possible to post this annoucement here and never come back to answer questions ?


I have the 2k pro cameras without the solar panels and I have them set up to home kit. Not sure what system you have but you have to enable HomeKit in the app. Maybe you haven’t looked in the correct area of the app.

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