[For US Fans Only] Celebrate Halloween with eufy! Capture every frightened face this Halloween with eufy product

Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

It’s that time of the year again. Time to give your porch a creepy feel and unleash your wildest ideas!

This year, we have something exciting for you:

Join our 2022 eufy Halloween #PorchScare event for a chance to win big product discounts!

We’ve added three brand new Halloween doorbell sound effects to bring your porch scares to another level. Whether you’ve got a hidden spider prop, a bubbling witch’s cauldron, or yourself hiding in plain sight as a scarecrow, top it allo off with our Halloween sound effects and give out porch scares that your neighborhood will remember.

To become a part of our #PorchScare celebration, here’s a checklist for you.

  • Capture some frightened faces or scary moments with your eufy Security camera.

  • Leave a comment below with your camera footage, post on your IG/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok and share with us.

  • Use the hashtag #PorchScare #LocalStorage #NoMonthlyFee.

Note: by uploading your porch scare footage here, you grant us the right to reuse your video content on our digital channels, such as IG, YouTube, TikTok, Website, etc.

See the clip from other users!

Just like that. You are now part of our #PorchScare celebration and will get a $100 discount for every $500 purchase on the eufy app store.

*This promotion offer is only for US residents who are over 18 years old.

Have fun this Halloween!


#PorchScare #LocalStorage #NoMonthlyFee


How do I turn this crap feature off and return to my previous doorbell chime?

If you want to run these events, make it opt in only. The whole world doesn’t revolve around the US. Wake up to yourselves.


Turn it off! It’s terrible

How to turn it off? I don’t want it

Yes, please tell me how to disable this, my nan has a weak heart, it’s scaring her.

I have the T8210. I seemed to have disabled the Halloween sounds by holding the doorbell button for about 5 secs then releasing it and then pressing it quickly 3-4 times.

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You are right Rod. It worked for me as well

I just kept holding mine down until it stopped

Thanks Rod. Your fix also worked for me. It is wrong for Eufy to force this crap onto its users!

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Hi Eufy1132, please see below instruction delete the halloween ringtone. Link here>FAQ

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Hi tsa116, please see below instruction delete the halloween ringtone. Link here>FAQ

This doesn’t work. When I click the voice settings there is only one there which is mine that I recorded.

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Hi eufy1132,

If you join the campaign, you can delete it through voice settings. If you wanna turn off ding dong, you can click the doorbell ring button at least five times until hearing ding dong instead.

I hope this can help.

I’m appalled that eufy would upload this feature to my doorbell and turn it on without notification or consent. I had several guests comment on it before I figured out what was going on. Super annoying invasion of my home.

Please never do such a thing again!

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Agreed with everyone else. This should have been opt in. My kids like it and will probably keep it for now, but it should have been something that I turned on, not something where I am trying to figure out why my doorbell is screaming.

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This is a horrible feature. It scared my kids and are giving them nightmares. Shame on whoever came up with this marketing gimmick. You should have told customers before doing it, you dumb dumb.

Please don’t do this again

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This is scaring my little daughter and I cannot turn it off

Only the witch voice response worka for me t8210. And the name of the werewolf downloads as Man screaming.

I have the 8210 doorbell too and as far as I can tell it didn’t download anything but I haven’t pushed the button on it yet. I guess I need to go try it. I do agree that Eufy should not install things like this without our consent. When I first read about it I thought it meant we could download it if we wanted it but from all the comments that was incorrect.