[For US & CA] Get a Cart Full of Specials Now!

For US

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For CA

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Please join us through the new community section of the app.

Where you can find us :smile:

If you encounter any problems during use or have any other questions, please contact our customer service team through the following channels:

1)eufy Security app → Help → Call us/Feedback.

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post.

3)Send us an email: support@eufylife.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team

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  1. The links give “Permission Denied” errors. Checked in Brave, Chrome, Edge.

  2. If only your “security” systems gave the same error when someone presses the reset button on a camera for a few seconds and wipes all the footage, more people might be interested. I had $1,400 of equipment in my cart but luckily browsed the forums and saw that your non-response to this flaw extends even to your latest releases. No thanks. Will spend my money elsewhere.