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I cannot change some items


I Hear the doorbell I cannot answer because my phone works too late. I cannot walk quickly most People think I am not at home so they go away


What’s the point of this community chat/forum when there is nil official response from eufy. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You’re wright. Seems like a big ripoff :hot_face:

I am in Australia, we have consumer rights and I plan on returning it to the store for a full refund

Never agaibuying eufy shitn

In Australia we have consumer rights on top of the warranties and guarantees, I will exercise it and return the Homebase 3 to jbhifi store for a full refund.

Also will be returning the current 5 indoor cameras as not “fit for purpose” for a full tefund as I bought them based on availability of Home Base 3.

Ankor is bordering a class action civil law suit here in Australia.

I contacted Ankor support via email and below was my response to thier pre canned message.

I am returning all Ankor products based on lack of their transparency and sheer arrogance to acknowledgement of any issues/faults.

Goodbye Ankor you “had” good products.

Ik loop erg moeilijk, duurt iets langer

I feel someone go to check my camera without my password.

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This is NOT how it used to be at all.

Helaas duurt t langer voordat ik bij de deur ben ik loop niet zo goed , moment geduld aub

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Why i cant connect to my sister invitations?

I have the same problem I am setting in a wheelchair.

In what way to change this situation?

Cant get the bellsound on my phone

ive got 800mb Wi-Fi through the house and the new iPhone and the thumbnail still doesn’t load before the person has left. I wonder if all the doorbells are the same….surely not

A major feature that the eufy system is missing (or I just can’t find) is an recorded activity log of all users.
So you can track who makes any alterations what and when. Eg: snooze cameras, etc.
Also when videos are deleted and by whom.
Would be amazing to have this kind of record keeping availible for both private homes and businesses.

Www.google.com yayyyyyy

too much of a delay with the doorbell. Like 5sec delay… need to be fixed asap!!

Think u should take these door cameras of there no good and always late to phone notifications can never get hold of any one should really stop sell this product very dissatisfied whith this product