For the love of God and all that is holy, please include turn radius limits

This issue has plagued my eufy cam p&t for too long - regardless of sensitivity setting.

I have my eufy mounted upside down on a plastic shelf from Amazon. This is a pet cam and the down looking ability of the camera was not enough for the room. The camera is mounted 3 inches away from the wall. I have an aftermarket usb cable to reach from the power socket to the camera.

This camera goes into night mode and turns on the ir lights. The pet walks by which causes the camera to turn. The camera will hit the wall a bit with the ir lights. Camera turns to the wall and finds the usb cable. Commence staying locked on until it turns back to the default position after 30 seconds to a minute. (Camera) But what is now behind me asks the camera? Again Ir hits the wall, turns around to the usb cable and stare again for another minute or so. Rinse and repeat.

Thank God I use this as a pet camera and not for security. The robbers could clear out all my stuff while it stupidly locks on the usb cable. Images attached

The fix:
Let me set limits on how far the camera can turn in degrees from left to right. The real fix would be to fix the ai feature but it seems like eufy has no programmers left in the building. I determine this by looking at all the issues on reddit and here.

Afterthought on ai on the camera:

A person is in the house. Many alerts later of a person in an empty house. Check the cameras and boom. Look how life like. :weary::person_facepalming: - same camera same place.


Summary: please fix your product. I know it’s cheaper than the competition but come on.