FloodlightCam_eufy Internet may not be available

I bought a Eufy Floodlight camera. My phone connects to the camera and I am prompted to then connect to the FloodlightCam_eufy wifi. At this point, it says FloodlightCam_eufy has no internet and will not proceed.

I have turned off mobile data for my phone, turned off auto connect for the wifi networks, made sure it is the 2.4 internet and not 5G. Changed the names of my networks so it does not switch. Tried a different phone and a tablet. Had a new camera sent out. It is the same thing every single time. Gets to where I connect FloodlightCam_eufy and will not proceed. Just stays there until it times out. I have spoken to tech support numerous times. Just got the new camera delivered today and they are not available. I have AT&T internet. Anyone else have a similar issue and were able to resolve it?

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