Floodlight Questions/Wishlist for Ignore Zones?

I just put up a FloodLight Camera above the middle of my garage. If you’re facing the garage, to the right side of the structure, I have my flag mounted, and now the floodlight camera catches the shadow moving as well as a small portion of the actual flag in the frame.

I know the Floodlight Camera has “Activity Zones” but similar to the DoorBell Camera, can you make “Ignore Zones”? Having these on other cameras as well could be helpful but since the Floodlight camera gets a lot of action passing by, as well as the flag, I wanted to know if this is a feature that will be coming?

It sounds like you’re looking for a negative zone.
Add a few positive zones to create a “cutout” around the objects.

Specifically, make 3-5 activity zones around the shadow/flag.

Would be good to get Eufy to comment on the addition of non-rectangular activity zones. Since cameras are often at odd angles to the environment rectangles are rarely ideal. A few non-orthogonal quadrilaterals or one 8-10 sided polyhedron would be awesome. I know it’s hard but it seems like the leaders in this domain already have that capability.