Floodlight Issue


I just recently installed my newly purchased Eufy Floodlight Security Camera in front of my garage and I’m having issues with the Light sensor turning on. I have a night light / non security bulb that is turned on which is parallel to the floodlight during the nighttime. When the night light bulb is turned on, the Eufy Security Light won’t turn on. Has this happen to anyone else and how did you fix this issues?

Thanks everyone.

I would think the light you have staying on is making the new light think it’s daylight. I’m sure they come with a dusk to dawn feature so the light does not come on in daylight.

I didnt have this issue with my old floodlight which is a non security set up. I’m wondering if Eufy needs to come out with an update to fix this issue.

I just installed my floodlight today.

I have also an issue with the floodlight to activate when there is motion. I have verified the settings are correct. There is a nearby exterior light next to the floodlight. I wonder if the camera thinks it is still daylight?

Ok, just found out that my exterior light needed to be off in order for the floodlight to activate during motion.

Just installed mine. Have the same issue. Eufy, please make a setting so we can override this. I have a garage light to the right of the zone that is bright but the area in the middle and the left is completely dark. It’s worthless to me if I can’t get the lights to trigger.

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Hi, I’ve just installed mine and I have the same issue, I have street light across, not bright, but I guess that the reason my lights don’t detect a motion. Have you found a solution?

I’m having the same issue with my outdoor floodlight 2k. When I install it a few months ago the floodlights used to work and came on at night with motion detection but in the last month or so the motion detection lights don’t come on at all. I have the same garage nite lights on either side of my garage door so that hasn’t changed but something in the eufy has changed. I’ve reset it back to factory defaults and re set it up but still stays dark.

Same issue. Ambient light causes the floodlight not to come on when motion is detected. Really would like that to be configurable or to be able to disable the light sensor.

My problem was caused by ambient light. I was able to get around it by using an Alexa routine that turns the light on when motion is detected. Not something I like doing, but might work for you. You might be able to do something similar.

I’m having the same issue has anyone found a workaround or fix other than the Alexa routine?