Floodlight Camera and Bugs / Insects

Does anybody else have issues with bugs tripping the motion/light sensors? If so, what is your work around?

Thanks in advance


Same issue here, the light sensor is very sensitive, with no way to decrease the sensitivity.


Yep I’m definitely getting this. Week 2 of ownership. In used to PIRs weighing up motion Vs heat volume before triggering. But these don’t seem to look for heat as twigs / undergrowth in the wind set it off. I guess it’s part motion trigger using the lens and part heat using the PIR. Try to adjust sensitivity and tweak activity zones. Avoid vegetation!

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I have the same issue, when I’m in “Home” mode I get notification every 5 min because the wind blows in a tree that is partially covering the driveway!

What solutions do you guys use? just setting up activity zones to avoid the trees/vegetation?

I don’t have any trees or shrubs in my line of view but yes, I created activity zones because part of my driveway has my flag blowing across it but nobody parks in that area.

At night I turn off all lights, only night vision and I have it set to medium detection, otherwise it goes off all the time. Now it only goes off 7 times a night, approximately?

I just got a floodlight cam a week ago. I was having terrible problems with it being not sensitive enough or too sensitive (100s of false insect triggers at night with light on or off). The light motion sensor would toggle every 30s regardless of activity.
I returned it and the new one is way better, with only one bug trigger last night. Still has some issues during the day with rain, wind, or vehicles outside the activity zone, but something I can work with. Vehicles seem to be big trucks or two crossing cars.
I’ve read one person say making activity zones slightly smaller than you would think they need to be worked for them.
The customer service person I was in contact with said the PIR is used for the camera recording but that is contrary to what I’ve observed.