Floodlight Camera 2K - Questions re accessing camera outside home wifi

We would like to add a security camera to monitor the entrance area of our small apartment building.

To get all 8 owners comfortable, we need a solution that will allow each of them to access the footage from their own devices which would not be on the same WIFI network as the camera.

Is this possible with the Eufy Floodlight Camera 2K?

Would it be possible to have 2 different account types, i.e. an admin account that can change settings and delete clips and a general user account that can only view footage?

Lastly, can we achieve this without incurring subscription expenses?

@wrusssian You can set yourself up as an Admin and the rest of the group as Guest users. They’ll have to create their own accounts, but they won’t have access to settings or be able to erase footage. I’m not quite sure how many Guest users can be added to a single camera. For some reason I remember 4, but am not completely sure.

There wouldn’t be any additional fees and all parties involved could be on different wifi/cellular options and should have access to the live feed and video. However, an issue you will come across with this many users is if anyone is streaming the camera it will not automatically record. Meaning you could lose footage if all the users are not all on the same page.

You can, if the limit is indeed 4, create a custom account with a brand new email address and share the login. I have my account logged into 3 separate Android devices and it works fine.

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Thank you @Sobrevilla and @John0 for your replies. Very helpful.

For the proposed solution, would we require a paid subscription or is this free of charge?

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Creating accounts is free of charge, in fact, there is no money to be paid at all with eufy after buying the product!

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