Floodlight cam - night vision all white

Just installed the eufy floodlight cam and like It so far but my night vision is all white when it switches. I have it about 10 feet up and behind the camera unit is my gutter (not sure if this could cause the problem but wanted to mention). I attached 2 whiteout pics with night vision on and then what it looks like with night vision off.

Any ideas? All I’ve done so far is a restart and gotten all updates. Thanks

Can you post a picture of how the camera is mounted?
It might be that the IR light bounces off something (reflection) and causes this weird image. Either that, or the sensor is faulty and you should return this device.

Hmm… Thanks for the pictures. What happens if you point the camera towards the edge of the roof (corner) but keep it aimed low to the ground. Does that change anything? If not: can you check if the front of the camera is cleared from wrapping material and if completely clean? If this then still occurs I’m thinking towards a faulty sensor.

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Goodness me. I left the camera protector film on. If the sensor is there, it would be effected. I will pull that off and see what happens tonight. Thanks for the help and will update tonight good or bad.

That’s a first for me! Thankfully it’s something small. I’m gonna guess that it will be fine tonight :slight_smile:

Keys to success:
1: Follow instructions!
2: Remove all protective covers once install…brings you to step one. Haha

Thanks for the help!

Lol, it even says to remove the cover on the camera! :joy:
Great to hear the problem is solved, nice and clear image, also: nice lounge chairs.
Have fun using the floodlight! :slightly_smiling_face: