Floodlight Cam 3 Pro Ideas

I love the floodlight cam 2 pro but for the next version I have some Ideas to make it better.

  1. Make it 4K like the new Eufy cam 3
  2. Increase FPS to 30 or even 60 for smooth motion as this is a pan and tilt camera after all.
  3. Add the ability to record 24/7 like your outdoor cams but do not decrease the resolution by default if chosen to record 24/7 to save storage let the customer make that choice.
  4. Eliminate the dome housing or find a way to make it so it doesnt get so dirty. I find that I have to clean it every two weeks or so or else the night vision quality will get affected.
  5. Make a second version with no floodlight
  6. Make a better design for the floodlight housing as the one on the 2 pro the light bleeds through the plastic and hits the plastic dome creating a weird glare on the camera footage at night.
  7. Give us more power options such as allowing us to plug it into a standard outlet and make a battery version.
  8. This is the idea I want to see implemented the most. The pro 2s biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. For example I have my 2 pro in my backyard and on the left is the main gate and on the right is the sliding glass door and if the pro 2 is busy recording someone at the sliding glass door but someone is also coming in from the gate and breaks a window the pro 2 is going to miss one of the intruders by only having one camera. Also the pro 2 camera isnt perfect and looses tracking or doesnt track at all which would render it useless in maybe a very serious situation. I think there should be two motorized cameras in the dome housing one will cover the right 180 degrees and the second covering the left 180 degrees. Therefore solving its biggest issues/weaknesses by following more than just one moving object at a time and if it doesnt track properly or pick up motion the two 24/7 recording cameras covers a lot of area and might just capture it anyway and have less margin for error making it a true camera with no blindspots. Also have separate controls for both cameras like having one track motion and one stays stationary. The idea came from the Reolink Duo and Reolink Track mix. Please comment on any other features/ideas you think the Floodlight Cam 3 Pro should have. Thank you.

I second that.

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