Floodlight Cam 2K sending false motion notifications

For the past few days my eufy Floodlight Cam 2K keeps picking up human motion on my patio, but upon reviewing the video there is nothing going on at all. Not even an insect passing in front of the camera. I have noticed that the trees in my yard are casting darker shadows on the patio at this time of year so perhaps the movement of the shadow as the wind blows is tricking the camera? Has anyone else had similar experiences? I have varied the sensitivity setting, motion detection area, human/all motion setting with no luck. Thanks for any feedback.

I had a similar behaviour these days. Got a notification ‘Person detected’, but no person or activity on the video. Since it was a sunny day, there was a sudden movement from bright sunlight to shadow and back - maybe this triggered the alarm.
Any other experiences with false alarms?
Regards from Germany