FLC 2 Pro User Experience Optimization Discussion Group [Update July 28th.]

Dear eufy fans:

Regarding those issues that everyone cares about, and the latest news our security team would like to share, we are planning to share with you in the form of a weekly user experience optimization announcement. It would be great if you could follow up with our weekly updates:)

For any problems you have encountered or any suggestions on product experience, you coulddirectly leave your comments below, or submit detailed information through the link User Feedbacks Collection. Once noticed, we will reply to you as soon as possible. Once your suggestions or feedback are adopted, we will arrange the software update plan soon and for any updates, we will let you know.

The following is our recent software update plan:


New here, looking to see if any new updates planned and how the Car Detection is coming along.

This is interesting… I don’t have a floodlight cam… but I WANT the vehicle detection!! I will gladly buy the thing and cut off the lights.

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I want this weakly user experience announcement. ( see what I did there )

How do I get this?


Also want just an outdoor pan&tilt tbh. Don’t care about the floodlights.

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I bought a HomeBase 3 when they were on offer recently, thinking it would connect to my Floodlight cam pro to store my recordings. They don’t seem to be talking to each other. Was I overly optimistic, or am I doing something wrong?


I don’t think their R&D dept has this ready yet but have been told it is in the works & coming soon.


These morons have mucked up their entire product line lately and all they want to do is add more new functionality. At some point it will all fail and they obviously don’t have the talent to support it.

My floodlight just went offline but I see it working but I have no wifi or connectivity to see my feed or pictures


Dose anyone know how to fix this

I would try powering it down for 60s and then powering it back on. Failing that, you may need to reset and pair again.

How do I go to a specific time and day to view video?
I have a SD card in the base but it is empty

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Just connected mine, works fine.

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My floodlight Cam Pro 2 has started failing to connect to the network. All attempts as restarting have failed. Poor experience with this product so far. You can disable the alarm if you can’t connect to the network. Eufy should simply allow users to set periods for the alarm such that you simply set the time alarms are triggered. Outside this timeframe, then no unnecessary triggers

Was there any update from this as mine has just disconnected from the network. Blue light flashes. Have restarted network and camera but no luck

I have several Eufy cameras. Is there a way to turn off notifications for all of them using one setting? It seems I have to do this individually for each camera. It’s a major pain.

Mine is also failing to connect.

Yeah, how? Elaborate please
just installed 2K Pro and was given no option to connect to HomeBase3, no option under setting either

keeps dropping offline and no longer works with geo fencing

Can I playback or only the motions video?