Flash of light AND time lapse to record after just recording

When my cameras detect motion they begin recording however the flash of light that occurs at the beginning of each video often means that my cameras miss most of the important stuff if not all of the important footage (for example; a perfect full face image of a stranger who upon walking through the gate, stares straight into the lens of one of my cameras). At first I thought maybe the spotlight was turning on during the day as I had it set to come on in the PM when motion was detected but that is not the case. What is the reason this occurs??.. And if this is a lag in the cameras focusing abilities or whatever the reason may be, wouldn’t it make more sense if the cameras were able to record the 5 seconds prior to detecting motion. For peace of mind and the time the cameras need to get their act together to record and push the important stuff through to me!! The technology is out there so why hasn’t Eufy utilised it given the backup (solar) power option for outdoor cameras as well as the affordable cloud storage plans.

Which brings me to my other issue, once my cameras record a video wether it be 30sec or 120sec in duration it has to wait a further 5sec before recording again. In my opinion a lot can happen in a 5sec window say somebody could steal a package off my porch, a toddler could run behind my car or my teenage son could ride his bicycle from the side of the house out to the street-front and out of sight, unbeknownst to us should he not return home safely we wouldn’t be able to provide authorities with an accurate description of what he was wearing or what time he’d left home! I would prefer if when continuing to record motion so close to previous recordings it either recorded it with back to back recordings or even showed a 2 second interval where the vision overlapped each other so that when I went back through footage to monitor activity as well as keep possible important recordings I would know which ones should be grouped together because essentially they are just single events that occurred for longer than the 120sec time limit on recordings.