Fixing position of doorbell?

Just set up my video battery doorbell.
I’m now wondering where to position it at front door.
House is elevated so steps to front door.
When I open my front door my car is on the left on otherside of railings. So video gives extra securit.
So I’m thinking of fixing doorbell to wall next to door frame. So as I open my door from house, the wall on the left of me so it will cover car too.
My question is? Do anybody fix to door frame? If so what with? Sticky pads or screws?
The distance the doorbell has to be minimum of 1.2m or 48".
So from the floor to the middle of the doorbell it must be measured or from floor to bottom of doorbell?
I’m trying to attach a photo to show the view when my door is open and photo looking at the front door. Thank you

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There is a video to watch in the mounting guild section of the doorbell’s settings. This will give you a detailed view.

After watching it you’ll get a better deal but I just ended up watching the live feed on my phone while holding the doorbell in different positions.

To secure it use the screws provided.

If you choose the wooden door frame, drill pilot holes then screw in.
If you choose brick walls then drill and wall plug then screw in. It might be worth using better quality wall plugs.

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