Firmware Update Records - eufyCam Solo 8130

2021.09.13, V

  1. Solved the issue that mic was muted after adding the camera
  2. Fixed some bugs

2021.08.27, V1.1.8.0

  1. Improved the live stream loading experience
  2. Fixed some bugs and improved system stability

2021.08.16, V1.1.7.8

  1. Solved the issue with deleting more than 10 clips
  2. Improved the stability of intercom
  3. Fixed some bugs

2021.08.10, V1.1.7.7

  1. Optimized the AI algorithm for better human detection
  2. Fixed some bugs

2021.08.02, V1.1.7.6

  1. Optimized power consumption in extremely weak networks
  2. Fixed some bugs

2021.07.22, V1.1.7.4

  1. Optimized the issues on picking up few clips
  2. Optimized the 2K video quality(8130 PU用户可不提这点)
  3. Optimized push solution
  4. Fixed some bugs

2021.06.21, V1.1.6.9

  1. Support Solar Panel settings
  2. Optimized the issues on picking up few clips
  3. Optimized the status update solution on recordings

2021.06.16, V1.1.6.8

  1. Optimized the issue that a clip may not be played occasionally
  2. Optimized the PIR solution for issue on delay of the PIR triggered video

2021.06.07, V1.1.6.6

  1. Optimized the loading speed of live view.
  2. Optimized the streaming issues for Alexa&GVA smart displays.
  3. Solved the issues on picking up few clips and problem of deleted clips when clicking on the notifications.

2021.05.22, V1.0.6.3

  1. Optimized the issue that camera picks up few clips when set to human only mode
  2. Optimized the push solutions
  3. Improved the stability of setup
  4. Fixed some bugs