Firmware Update Records - eufyCam Solo 8122 & 8123

2021.09.10, V

  1. Solved the issue that MIC does not pick up the sound after adding a device
  2. Optimized the loading speed of live view

2021.08.30, V

  1. Solved the issue on night recordings with the abnornal video color tone
  2. Solved the “light-on” issue during intercom
  3. Fixed the issue of unable to turn off the light alarm
  4. Fixed some bugs and improved system stability

2021.08.13, V

  1. Optimized the color tone of night vision images
  2. Solved the issue with deleting more than 10 clips
  3. Fixed some bugs

2021.08.09, V

  1. Optimized the color tone of night vision images
  2. Optimized the solar data upload solution
  3. FIxed some bugs

2021.07.30, V

  1. Improved the recording experience
  2. Fixed some bugs

2021.07.19, V

  1. Fixed the issue on false trigger in all motion mode
  2. Optimized the issue that audio and video is out of sync
  3. Optimized push solutions
  4. Fixed some bugs

2021.05.22, V

  1. Optimized spotlight solution
  2. Optimized manual alarm solution
  3. Solved the issue that the spotlight won’t turn off when exit live view page in color night vision mode
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I have solocam S40 and it’s keeps going offline… also 1 of the 8 cameras updated to 10.4.7 and the others are on 10.4.6… any reason?

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Have the same everyday offline have to install everything again