Firewall ports eufy cam

Hello, I have some trouble identifying the ports for my cams. My firewall block me outside WiFi and the customer support not understand at all my issue.

Any hints?

I don’t there are any ports you need to open up to talk to your cameras through the app when outside your local wifi network. You also wouldn’t want to open ports to the camera to outside your local network. Then anyone could see your cameras from anywhere.

Anyhow I cannot access to the cam stream outside my WiFi!

Ok so when you say cam stream, i would assume you are talking about accesing it through the mobile app. If not what method are you trying to use.

The mobile app as i understand uses Eufy servers to negotiate the connection. The stream is probably established through their servers. Are you getting any other errors.

Basically when I use WiFi I can use properly all the app. When I’m on my cellphone I can only see the preview of the recordings and the push notifications, if I try to access to the streaming or the recording the app cannot access.


Yes! I have

Do you have a real firewall or just a router that creates a NAT.

It’s an office there is a “real” firewall

Can’t you look at the firewall for denys and review them for what may be need to be added. You should be able to get some kind of idea based on that.

I will try. For the moment I use vpn

@Witted Take a look at my post - Eufy firewall ports for remote viewing, I documented my experience and was finally able to remotely view my cameras.

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