Filtered events by AI

Hey guys
Had my cameras since december and could never figure out why the filtered events always showed 0

Just checked again now and in 10 days its now showing filtered 714 on the front and 2253 on the back.

Has this feature just been enabled, or is it an app issue they were not showing there before?

Also, if a camera is having a high number of Filtered alerts, is this going to drain the battery quicker as each event i presume activates the camera and is recorded but not sent as its false?



My battery doorbell did exactly the same, no filtered events whatsoever and then suddenly one day I was seeing on average 300 filtered events a day. It sounds as though some background update has caused this?

My numbers are currently as follows, I have mine wired so it isn’t causing me any issues and my transformer is keeping up with it perfectly fine.

I don’t think the alerts are as big a drain as sending a video stream for recording. It just means the camera is waking up and the AI is looking to see if the object is in the zone before recording. During the day it also checks for Human, if selected. The camera is preventing a lot of false alerts and not having to stream that video, so saving power.

The statistics were working when I bought my system 7 months ago, but then they went away for while and after a recent update are back and seem to accurately reflect what my cams are seeing.

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