Feedback and suggestions from a first-time Eufy user

Here are some initial thoughts and ideas I have after using Eufy Indoor Cam for just over 24 hours now. Hope it helps!

Camera packing:

The camera came neatly packed but could do with some more structure to the box. The camera is wedged between the bottom holder and top accessory box with the outer box being the only vertical support. During shipping the outer box is sometimes dented causing it to lose structural rigidity. This causes the box to collapse somewhat and squash the camera between the bottom holder and top accessory box. Also, any intrusion from the side of the box can easily reach the camera and damage its outward-facing lens. Including a middle cardboard/plastic inner to separate and support the bottom holder and top accessory box would provide more structure and protect the camera better.

EufySecurity app:

The Android app is generally neat and well thought out. It would however benefit from a dark mode toggle to dim the stark white backgrounds. The addition of an optional fingerprint lock when opening the app would also be appreciated to prevent kids/unauthorised persons from opening the app and changing the camera settings. Also, please add support for Android widgets. It would be especially useful to have a widget showing a still capture from the camera which automatically refreshes every 5-15 minutes (refer to TP-Link Kasa or TinyCam as examples). Lastly, consider adding support for floating windows in Android. This would involve the user load the camera feed in the EufySecurity app and tap the home button to open a floating mini-window containing the live feed, allowing the user to view the live feed while multitasking/using their device.

Eufy account:

Probably the biggest issue I have with Eufy overall is the lack of 2FA support, specifically TOTP 2FA support. Email or SMS 2FA is nowhere near secure enough and it is to be expected that all camera security systems come with TOTP 2FA at least, if not an option to enable key-based 2FA. An option to enable a geographic/region restriction on accessing the account may also add some peace of mind. For example, a UK based user may opt-in to allow logins to his Eufy account from the UK only while having all potentially malicious logins from other locations blocked. Lastly, I would appreciate the option to set a custom DNS server for the camera to use. I would particularly appreciate support for custom DNS-over-HTTPS or DNS-over-TLS encrypted DNS servers so the camera can be securely linked to a managed DNS service to monitor DNS requests.

Eufy Indroor Cam hardware:

The camera is well made and neatly designed. I especially appreciate the status LED; however, this could do with some refining. Having the LED blink red for motion detection is a bit harsh and can also be confused with someone live streaming from the camera. Rather have the LED solid blue for normal operation, solid red for live streaming, and solid purple when detecting motion. This will make it easier to distinguish what exactly is happening. Also, having a blinking red light is usually associated with an error, so changing to purple for motion detection would be more logical. Further, please consider adding an option to have the LED turn on only when motion is detected, or someone is viewing the live feed. This would help during night-time when the LED is quite bright. Disabling the LED completely sacrifices too much in the line of privacy and I would like to have it off when the camera is “at rest” but would still like to have it illuminate when motion is detected or someone is viewing the feed. An LED schedule may also be a stop-gap solution.

Eufy Integrations:

Obviously, a huge issue with Eufy is the lack of integrations outside the Eufy ecosystem. Please add support for IFTTT or proper Google Assistant integration. The current integration is made with the standard Google Assistant camera integration module allowing for limited functionality (only viewing the feed unreliably). Please make a custom Google Assistant camera integration which would allow for branding and action integration with Google Routines. This would also make viewing the feed in the Google Home app possible and allow Google Assistant devices to control some functions of the Eufy Indoor Cam (power, operation mode etc.). Also consider the Google Local Home SDK for streaming the video feed over the local network directly from the camera to a Google Assistant device (this will cut down on latency and server time). Also, please make the EufySecurity app compatible with Android TV to allow users to view their camera/camera group on Android TV devices. This would be especially useful to view the home security cameras on a central display like the lounge TV during the day. Lastly, please rework the EufySecurity web portal and drop the reliance on Adobe Flash Player in favour of HTML5. Flash is ludicrously insecure and all support will be stopped after December 2020.

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Yes, excellent review and suggestions. Did anyone get feedback from Eufy?

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As per usual with Eufy, no. They view their forum as a marketing channel and rarely, if ever, engage with customers - such a wasted opportunity. I’ve sent them numerous emails with feedback and suggestions. They couldn’t even be bothered to fix a spelling mistake in the Eufy app after I reported to them (it’s still there in the RTSP menu today).