Feedback about automation


the automation feature is definitely a great step forward, but i think it could be a lot better with a few tweaks :

  • We should be able to have “Condition A AND Condition B”, right now we only have “Condition A or Condition B”. For instance “If Camera A detects movement AND Entry sensor 1 is open, then …”.

  • Some basic conditions are missing for the automation to be great :
    – Test the hour of the day : “If camera A detects and it is between 8AM and 8PM, then …”
    – Test the security mode : “If camera A detects and security mode is away, then …”
    – Test the day/night mode : “If camera A detects and camera mode is night vision, then …”

These are just my 2cts but i think this would be a great evolution of the automation feature.


I just thought about other things that could be useful :

  • condition :
    – If someone is home (based on geolocation since you have it in the app).
  • action :
    – change the security mode.
    – sound the Homebase alarm.
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