Feature Suggestion - Scheduler + Geofencing

I think it would be very beneficial to see a combination of Geofencing and Scheduler be available in the app. This would probably work best as a third option in Scheduler (Home, Away, and Geofencing)

My reasoning comes from my desire to have Geofencing enabled during the day (Home vs. Away) and then to still be notified when at home if a camera senses motion while at night, even if geofenced at home. This would be very beneficial for security purposes.


I think this is a great idea, if it was also possible to set options so that for example

If at home in the day the camera on the drove remains active but garden isn’t. If away from home both active. Then equally at night both active.

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I wish we could have geofencing incorporated into the schedule!! @AnkerSupport any chance we might see this?

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This would be a great feature. It worked really well on the Arlo system. Please implement


This is a must have.


I agree, this is key for me as I like both features but currently have to pick one over the other


3 Threads of the same topic but nothing happens… Go Eufy, Go!


Thank you for your good suggestion. Since the combination of Geofencing and Schedule will affect the basic recording logic of the camera, we are still finetuning this function, which is expected to be supported before Q4 2020.
If there is new progress, we will post an announcement in this forum, so stay tuned.


Geofencing does not work. This really needs to be addressed, along with schedules. Have tried with one and two iPhones, does not seem to pickup when in our out of set zones? Why release a function which does not work, please address Eufy.

How about adding Geofencing to indoor cams? Somehow they are missing…


Thanks for the update, super happy to hear it’s coming.

It’s ridiculous that I have to manually switch between home, away, and the night mode (which i added) for each of the indoor cams individually and the doorbell and the HomeBase, which connects to 5 other outdoor cams.

Please fix geofencing, allow it to be combined with scheduling, and combine all cameras in the app to the same security mode.

Absolutely agree that geofencing needs to work in co-ordination with scheduling. Please also include the indoor cameras so that I can switch all my cameras between modes together and make use of geofencing for the indoor cameras too!

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Any update on this? You responded in another thread that it was in an update, but it’s not. Just the normal schedule and Geofencing, completely separate.

My devices last only a month due to this issue and notifications are nearly pointless. Super frustrating.

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Does anyone at Eufy read this or care?

I’m an Arlo user and have been holding off switching to Eufy because of this shortcoming. I have cameras both outside and inside my house. In Arlo, my Geofencing modes are: Away=All cameras, Home= Schedule. Under Schedule, only my outside cameras are armed from 7:00 am to 11:00pm, and between 11:00 pm - 7:00 am, All cameras are armed. These settings have worked very well for me. I never have to worry about changing modes. If Eufy wants to attract more Arlo converts, this is a critical feature that needs to be reliably offered. I hope Eufy reads this.



Hallelujah brother!
C’mon Eufy catch up with the times, others have this already.


Please ? An update on when to expect this ?