Feature suggestion: Auto play sound clip for motion on doorbell

I have seen the feature on other door bell units where when the door bell detects motion it plays a pre-recorded audio clip on the speaker. I would think it would be possible as the feature seems to be half way there with the ability to record auto response clips already. This would be extremely helpful for those porch pirates that seem to be everywhere this time of year! This would also be an amazing marketing feature as I am sure a lot of people get these kind of devices for this purpose.


That is an interesting thought - but if they weren’t deterred by the video camera, it seems unlikely an audio clip would make much difference. I like the idea though!

Barking dog recording??

Might be hard to get the depth of sound to actually be scary. A tinny dog doesn’t impress…

What I have seen is the doorbell making a whistling sound to alert the person that there is a camera and that it is recording them. If nothing else they may look at the camera unintentionally and then you have a clear shot of their face in case they do something they should not be doing.

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I’m switching from Ring, and was surprised to find this option isn’t already there. In my opinion, a message notifying a potential porch pirate they are already being recorded is a huge deterrent. I’m considering returning my new Eufy unit until they’ve added this feature.